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Yahoo! Search Marketing:

The equivalent to Google AdWords on the Yahoo! search engine. For basic information about this type of advertisement see under AdWords.

The differences between Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing are:

  • While an AdWords campaign starts immediately after the set-up Yahoo! reserves the right to check each ad for conformity with it’s Terms of Service. This might take up to 3 business days.

  • Only the max. bid determines where the ad is displayed relative to the other ads for the same keyword. That is, the ad with the highest bid will rank on the top. Google ranks ads according to the relation between max. bid and CTR. Hence an ad with a max bid of $0.50 and a CTR of 3% (revenue for Google $1.50 for every 100 impressions ) will rank higher than an ad with max bid $1 but only 1% CTR (only $1 for every 100 impressions).

  • Opposite to Google Yahoo! also displays sponsored ads at the bottom of a search result page, below the 10 organic listings.


Yahoo Search Marketing

The lower half of the 1stYahoo! search result page for the search term “buy acoustic guitar” with sponsored ads to the right and below the organic search results.


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