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the noun Whitelist is explained in the definition of Blacklist.

There is also the verb "to Whitelist" with the following meaning:

When an Internet marketer makes contact with a new subscriber or a new customer for the first time, he often asks him to Whitelist his (the marketer's) email address and/or domain. That means the subscriber or customer has to take certain actions to make sure, emails from the marketer actually arrive in his inbox and are not blocked, deleted or redirected into a spam folder by the provider or the email program filter settings.

Those actions may comprise recovering the marketer's email from the spam folder and labelling it as "not spam", adjusting email filter settings or even contacting the ISP and making known that emails from this domain are welcome.


[White comes from Old English whit ;

comes from early Italian lista = a roll of names, strip (of paper)]


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