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White Hat Website:

White Hat’ refers to the
SEO  (search engine optimization) strategies employed to achieve a high ranking in the search engines for a website . In analogy to Western movies from the 30s, where all the good cowboys wore white hats and all the bad guys black hats, White Hat means that “good“ SEO measures were applied in compliance with the general purpose and guidelines of the search engines to deliver the most relevant search results to their users.

White Hat Websites are SEOed by legitimate means like keyword optimization (without keyword spamming ), including unique content relevant to the site’s keywords, submitting articles with a backlinkto the site, other accepted and legitimate link building activities etc.

Black Hat, however, would mean that the webmaster tried to trick or deceive the search engine algorithm by only pretending a highly relevant site when it isn’t. This could be done by keyword- or link spamming, by cloaking (a technique where the website code is manipulated in a way that the content  presented to the search engine spiders  is different than the content the visitors get to see) or other means. Websites pushed up by Black Hat techniques are penalized or banned by the search engines as soon as the fraudulent methods are detected.

[White comes from Old English whit

Hat comes from Old English hæt =
hat, head covering;

Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric;

Site comes from Latin situs = place, position]




Recommended Resources:

  • SEO video tutorial as a step by step guide to White Hat Search Engine Optimization by Peter Hale, one of the leading SEO experts.

  • SEO Elite , a proven software which when applied correctly will make your website rank higher in the SERPs by legitimate means.

  • SEO Book by Aaron Wall, also one of the top SEO experts. Includes the best proven SEO techniques.


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