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A Webshop is an online shop or store. It is an ecommerce application used for business-to-consumer [B2C] or business-to-business [B2B] processes.

It is nothing else than a virtual store which gives it’s visitor the possibility to browse through it’s inventory, acquire information about price, quality and special features of each item, chose an item to buy, pay online through secure payment processors and provide the data needed so that the purchased product can be shipped to his door.

Modern, professional Webshops provide additional features for the convenience of the visitor such as the possibility to search for a specific item, to look through product reviews written by former buyers and check hit lists of the most popular items in any category.



Screenshot of one of the most popular Webshops on the Internet, It shows a part of the list of available items for the search term “Google” in the category “Books”.


Amazon Webshop

This page opens when item #4 in above list is selected, Perry Marshall’s famous Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. At the bottom one can see the 1stof 10 available customer reviews of this book.

[Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric;

Shop perhaps comes from Old English scoppa = booth or shed for trade or work]


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