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Webinar is the shortened version of web based seminar; a teleseminar with all the attendees on conference call phone lines and additionally logged in on a website. All actions of the host performs on his computer simultaneously appear on the guests’ monitors. It can be anything from a presentation, workshop or lecture that is transmitted over the World Wide Web.

The most advantageous feature of a Webinar is its high level of interaction. In it’s most common form the participants of a Webinar listen to a speaker over the phone while they are following the information appearing on their screen at the same time allowing them to interact with him, e.g. by asking questions and getting the answers right away, by filling out questionnaires during the Webinar and being presented with the results in real time or just watching a visual presentation to the topic under discussion.

All that is needed to attend a Webinar is a phone line and an Internet connection.

For an Internet marketer Webinars are a great way to contact his potential customers, establish himself as a competent expert and present marketing offers. Conversion rates are usually much higher if he can get into such a relatively close personal contact with his customers.

[Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric;

Seminar comes from Latin seminarium = breeding ground, plant nursery]


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