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Web Video:

Video is a visual presentation, typically a moving picture which is accompanied by sound. Along with the technical progress in Internet technology and broadband connections a booming number of webmasters include videos in their websites .

As Internet users are less and less willing to read text, video is an excellent way to bring one’s message across. Be it a testimonial or demonstration of a software, a filmed lecture or just something funny or intriguing, people enjoy watching movies.

Web Videos are either filmed videos taken with a camera (click here to view an example) or are screen-capture video where the action on a computer screen is recorded (click here for an example).

[ Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric;

Video comes from Latin videre = to see]




Recommended Resources:

  • An eCourse about mastering website video,

  • Videoese  provides video tutorials and software for any needed application of video in marketing efforts

  • A complete video tutorial about everything needed to include professionally looking audio and video on your website; what hardware is needed and how to set it up, how to record the audios / videos, how to edit them and how to upload them to the site.

  • The Internet Video Guy ; Mike Steward is recognized as one of the leading Web Video experts.

  • Video Traffic Assistant , automatic submission service of web videos to 42 video sharing sites. Saves a lot of time and work


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