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Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 is an expression which was coined not to describe some updated or new version of web technology (like giving consecutive numbers to upgrade versions of software programs), but has to do with the fact that the way people use the Internet has changed.

While before this time the Internet was almost exclusively used as an information medium with the two groups of information suppliers and information seekers rather cleanly separated, nowadays the general Internet user is not content with just consuming information anymore but actively participates in the design and organization of the Internet. This expresses itself in the phenomenal success of social network sites like MySpace, social bookmarking sites like and social video portals like YouTube. Another example would be the Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia which was put together through the cooperation of many thousands of users who contributed their knowledge and expertise.

Web 2.0 has considerable impact on the realm of Internet marketing which after all is mainly about finding out what people need and want and then delivering it to them. An Internet marketer also has to find out where they are so he can tell them that he has what they want.

Many relatively new marketing strategies were developed as a reaction to those Web 2.0 changes like Tag and Ping (generating traffic from social bookmarking sites), uploading videos to YouTube and other video platforms as a source of traffic and exploiting the immense traffic to MySpace and other social networks for marketing purposes.

[Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric]




Recommended Resources:

  • A list of many Web 2.0 sites like MySpace, Craigslist, Squidoo can be found here

  • Tag and Ping video tutorials on how to effectively use Social Bookmarking Sites to increase traffic to one’s website.

  • An ebook on generating traffic from YouTube

  • Bookmarkgeneration is a membership service which allows automatic bookmarking to many Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking sites at once. Bookmarking is a great tool to generate traffic but has to be done in adequate amounts to be effective and this is very time consuming. Bookmarkgeneration saves an incredible amount of time!


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