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Virtual Real Estate:

Virtual Real Estate typically denotes a number of content based websites being owned and run by a single person or company to make a profit. The term was coined by John Reese, one of the most famous and successful Internet marketers.

The idea behind it is quite plain and simple. You first start with a website and promote it by any method you choose, to get some traffic. The website, of course, has to include ways to make a profit as this is the whole idea behind the VRE concept. Most often this will be some kind of advertisements on the site such as AdSense-, Yahoo Publisher Network- or MSN adCenter-ads. But the site could as well be set up to promote lucrative affiliate offers, CPA-offers or to generate leads in a specific niche which then can be sold to companies operating in this niche.

You might ask that the concept of creating a website to make money from it is not exactly new, so why invent a new phrase for it?
The difference in these two concepts could be said to lie in the basic intention of the Internet marketer. Traditionally a website is a means created to promote and sell an already existing
/service in a specific niche via the Internet.
A marketer concentrating on the VRE strategy doesn’t have a product to sell. He starts with the intention to build a website from which to make money and therefore looks for a profitable niche. Once he found one he builds a content rich site which then serves as a platform for the ads to generate his income. And as soon as he makes profit with the site he does the same again in another niche. The end goal is something called a VRE Empire, a whole series of money generating sites in various niches.

[Virtual comes from Latin virtus = excellence, potency; Virtually originally meant “as far as essential qualities are concerned”]


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