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A testimonial is a statement given voluntarily by an individual to affirm the value of a product , service or event.

Rave but still credible Testimonials for his product are a great asset for an Internet marketer and are an indispensable part of every
sales letter because they increase conversion rates
. They are mostly in written form but Testimonials in form of audio or video files are more and more used.

People don’t like to take risks when buying products, even more so when they are about to buy a highly priced one. Buying over the Internet is more risky because there is no possibility to check or test the product. Together with a credible money-back
the best way for a marketer to overcome this barrier is to provide a series of Testimonials to tell the potential customer that his product is worth the price.

Testimonials are so important that before the release of a new product some marketers give it away for a great discount or even totally free to a limited number of their subscribers or to
JV partners for testing purposes only demanding a Testimonial as an exchange.


This is only a small sample of the testimonials for John Reese’s Traffic Secrets Course. Being a relatively high priced product this sales page includes over 100 audio-, video- and written testimonials.

[Testimonial comes from Latin testimonium = evidence, proof, testimony; from Latin testis = witness]


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