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A Teleseminar, otherwise known as a teleconference, is a seminar which is conducted over a telephone conference call, where more than two people join in a telephone call at the same time.

In Internet marketing there are 2 main forms of Teleseminars:

  1. A marketer as the host invites his customers or subscribers  to a conference call at a specified time where he – often together with a guest speaker – briefs the attendees about marketing basics, successful techniques or a new product . In this case most of the time only the lines of host and guest speaker would be open and the lines of the listeners muted to avoid disturbing noise.

  2. A Teleseminar can be done as some form of question & answer period where an experienced marketer answers questions of the call attendees to a certain topic. Here all the lines would remain open.

Often the participants with the invitation are given a PIN code to be able to enter the conference. This is a method of ensuring that the number of attendees will not exceed the capacities of the conference call provider. Plus it gives the event some air of exclusivity and higher importance in the eye of the customers as not everyone is permitted to attend.

Teleseminars (and webinars ) can be a great tool to sell new products and to improve the relation of the marketer to his customers and subscribers.

[Tele- is from Greek tele = far (away);

Seminar comes from Latin seminarium = breeding ground, plant nursery]


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