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Tag and Ping:

Tag and Ping is an extension of the Blog and Ping method. While in Blog and Ping search engines are automatically notified through a notification service that a new post has been added to the blog, Tag and Ping means that the blog provides an easy facility for any visitor to add the blog or a specific posting and it’s corresponding tags to a social bookmarking  service.

The benefits for the webmaster running the blog are twofold:

  • Every time his blog is added to a bookmarking site means a placement of a link to his blog on a high traffic and often high PageRank site (depending on the popularity of the social bookmarking site). This will help the blog’s ranking in the search engines.

  • The more visitors bookmark the blog the more popularity it will gain within the bookmarking site. Being ranked under the most popular blogs for certain tags will generate more traffic to the blog from the social bookmarking site members.

Tag and Ping

Example of a blog with Ping buttons on . Every visitor who wants to add this blogpost to his favorites just clicks on one of the icons of the social bookmarking community he is already a member. Each icon links to another social bookmarking site which’s name appears by moving the mouse over the icon (in the screenshot the mouse hovers over the icon). The blog with all of it’s tags is then automatically included on this bookmarking site.

[Tag is of unclear origin, probably comes from Norwegian tagge and Swedish tagg = pointed, protruding part;

Ping is imitative i.e. imitates the sound the word is supposed to describe]




Recommended Resources:

  • The Tag and Ping method originally was released by a young marketer named Sean Wu mid 2006. Before you consider to buy this tutorial for $147 it is recommended you read the product reviews in Charles Heflin’s blog .

  • A comprehensive video tutorial on Tag and Ping techniques without spamming advices can be found here .


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