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Payment Processor (Payment Gateway):

A Internet service which acts as a link between the online seller and the online buyer making the online transfer of money possible. Payment Gateways are financial institutions distinct from banks which process credit card transactions, handle the authorization, clear refund requests and take care that funds are rightfully exchanged between the seller and the consumer.

There are Payment Processors like Clickbank, 2Checkout, Paydotcom and others which even take care of the correct distribution of funds when affiliates are involved in the selling process and need to be paid with their commission.

Using a Payment Processor with high reputation is the easiest way for an Internet marketer to sell his product s online and make sure that the money arrives on his bank account. When he has something to sell he just needs to run through a short set-up process with the company he trusts and he doesn’t need to worry anymore about correct payment processing or that his affiliates are rightfully paid.

The Payment Processor will include a payment button on his sales page that is linked to it’s secure payment form, accept the money, directs the customer to the download page after full payment is verified and pays the seller and the affiliate.

Payment Gateway

Payment Button on a Sales Page. Clicking it leads to the secure site of the Payment Processor where the payment details can be entered


Payment Processor


[Payment (from Pay) comes from Latin pacare = to please, satisfy, pacify and is akin to peace (Latin pax );

Processor comes from Latin processus, procedere = to go forward, advance;

Gate comes from Old English gæt
= opening, passage;

Way comes from Old English weg , akin to Latin vehere = to carry]


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