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Organic Search Results :

Using a search engine for online research usually returns two types of results.

  • The sponsored ads  where an advertiser has to pay for his ad to appear for this search phrase whenever a user clicks on it and

  • the listings which are the result of the search engine’s application of it’s search algorithm to it’s database of all indexed  websitesfor the exact search performed by the user. These are the Organic Search Results, also called natural search results, and represent those websites which are supposed to be the best and most relevant match for what the user is looking for.

To rank high in the sponsored ads listings it is only necessary for the advertiser to outbid his competitors, i.e. be willing to pay more for a click on his ad. For competitive keywords this can be a very expensive endeavor with CPCs  (cost per click) of up to several dollars.

To rank high in the Organic Search Results requires SEO  (search engine optimization) measures which may take a lot of time, money (if you hire an SEO company) and effort depending on how many competitors you have to face for your keyword s.


Organic Search Results on Yahoo 

Organic Search Results on Google

A comparison of the 1st Search Result Page on Yahoo! and Google for the search term “SEO”. only 4 of the 10 Organic Search Results can be seen on this screenshot. Note that Yahoo! puts more stress on sponsored results than Google. Not to be seen on the screenshot is that Yahoo! also displays sponsored results at the bottom of the page, opposite to Google.

[Organic comes from Greek organikos = of or pertaining to an organ; later also used in a sense of “natural and free from artificial additives;

Search via Old French cherchier = to search comes from Latin circare = to go about, wander; from circus = circle;

Result is from Latin resultare = to result; originally to spring forward, leap back]




Recommended Resources:

  • SEO video tutorial as a step by step guide by Peter Hale, one of the leading SEO experts. It contains proven methods to high website rankings in the Organic Search Results.

  • SEO Elite , a proven software which when applied correctly will make your website rank higher in the SERPs .

  • SEO Book by Aaron Wall, also a top SEO expert.


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