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Dropshipping is a way of selling goods whereby the product is shipped to the customer directly by the wholesale company, not the retailer.

For a marketer this is especially handy when he sells via the internet. He can build a relation to a good wholesale Dropshipping company and sell their physical product s on his website . When a sale is done he notifies the wholesaler of it and relays the shipping address of the customer. The wholesaler then ships the purchased product. The profit of the Internet marketer is the difference between the wholesale price which he has to pay to the wholesaler and the retail price the customer has to pay to him.

The big advantage is that he doesn’t have to keep a big inventory with – depending on the bulkiness of the products – probably considerable storage costs and he doesn’t have to deal with the time consuming shipping procedure. He only has to take care of the sales process, whether he sells his products on eBay or directly on his own website.

Key to a successful business is to pick a good and reliable Dropship wholesaler. Be careful when searching for a Dropshipper as you might run into someone called a “Middleman”. This is a person or company which pretends to be the actual wholesale Dropshipper, in reality, however, is only a relay point; i.e. he is only some kind of a broker with direct contact to a Dropshipper. He would only refer your sales notifications there for a commission and this , of course, would cut your profit without any advantage on your part. You could as well contact the actual Dropshipper yourself and keep the whole profit.

[Drop goes back to Old English dropa = to fall in drops,also used in the sense of “allow to fall”;

Shipping comes from Old English scip = ship, boat and as a verb meaning to transport by ship; since the 17th century this definition transferred also to other means of transportation such as railroads etc.]




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