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Conversion Rate:

Conversion Rate (CR) denotes the relation between the number of visitors on a website and the number of visitors who do what the site is supposed to make them do. This could be making a purchase, signing up to a membership or service, opt-in on a mailing list, fill out a survey etc.

For example if from 100 visitors on a squeeze page 5 opt-in the Conversion Rate is 5%.

Aside from the quality of a product or service and whether there is an acceptable demand for it the Conversion Rate mainly depends on the quality of the sales copy. But also many smaller details like font color of headline and text, the layout of a sign-up form, selection and positioning of graphics, whether or not there are “Better Business Bureau”- or “Hacker Safe”-Buttons on the page to increase the customer’s confidence, all these factors and more can have a significant effect – positive or negative – on the CR. It is worth to do a lot of tweaking and testing to increase CRs. On a site with good traffic only a small improvement in CR can provide a significantly greater income.

[Conversion goes back to Latin convertere = to change completely; vertere = to turn around;

Rate is of Latin origin, reri, ratus = to judge]




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  • Automated Conversions is the most advanced software for sales conversions and customer service. It saves the sale on many exiting visitors who otherwise would be lost forever by automatically answering their questions. Check the free demo on the site.

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