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Click Rate; Click Through Rate (CTR):

This term denotes the relation between the number of times an ad or banner did appear on the screens of an Internet surfer (ad impressions) and how many times it was clicked. A CTR of 1% means that out of 100 persons who saw the ad 1 clicked on it.

ad clicks : ad impression x 100% = Click Through Rate (CTR)

For example: An ad gets clicked 5 times in one day. This seems not too much but when you compare it to the fact that the page with the ad had only 15 impressions this makes a stellar CTR of 33%. In this case the webmaster would have to focus on the problem of getting more traffic to his site.

On the other hand 100 ad clicks on a page which gets 1 million visitors is pretty sad (a CTR of only 0.1%). The webmaster would have to test and improve his ad copy as a first priority.

Average CTRs for banners range around 0.15% (banner blindness). The CTR of ads mainly depend on the ad copy. 5% is a mark which can very well be reached with a cleverly worded headline and text. If the CTR for an ad is too low, attempts should be made to improve the ad copy.

[Click is imitative, that means the word is imitating the sound of the action it is supposed to describe;

Rate is of Latin origin, reri, ratus = to judge]


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