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A Bolgroll is a list of links to related websites or other blogs. Most often it is placed in the right or left panel of a blog.

The blogowner can provide a Blogroll of sites which he considers interesting and valuable information for his visitors as an additional service.



Example of a Blogroll on

On a blog created for Internet marketing purposes it is a controversial point if including a Blogroll is beneficial or not. On the one hand it might lead to a wider exposure of one's blog through active contribution to the blogging community. On the other hand a lot of marketers try to keep the number of links leading away from their websites or blogs to an absolute minimum as visitors might take it as a chance to leave.

There is no conclusive evidence yet to declare adding a Blogroll either as advantageous for a blog owner or the opposite.




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  • A $1 report on how to find Blogs which do not apply the “nofollow” tag to their comments and how to ethically use Blog comments to increase website traffic.

  • provides a script which allows including any url to one's Blogroll with two clicks



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