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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) collect lists of domains or single email addresses. Entries on these lists are suspected to have distributed spam mails. Mails from such addresses get a special treatment. They either are not delivered at all or only with delay or they are delivered into a special spam folder where the recipient can collect them if he wants.

For someone involved in email marketing it is extremely important to keep himself out of such black lists. To get by the spam filters of individual users and of the ISPs is hard enough and this makes it difficult to get more than 50% of any bulk mailing actually delivered to your intended recipients, even if you are not on a Blacklist.

To keep yourself out of Blacklists make sure you mail only to people who specifically opted-in to receive your messages. And even then a bulk mailing may cause difficulties as many people soon forget that they did opt-in and then complain of spam when they receive your message. Therefore it is wise to note in every message how the recipient got on your list and provide an easy way to unsubscribe should he chose not wanting to receive any more messages from you.

It is also advisable to carefully pick your autoresponder service. Many offer conditions which look very good but before you decide for them make sure that it is not Blacklisted.

[Black is akin to Old Norse blakkr = black and blek = ink;

List comes from early Italian lista = a roll of names, strip (of paper)]



Recommended Resource:

  • MX Toolbox  provides a free service where you can find out if a email server is blacklisted or not

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